What is D A Y A ?

D A Y A (Dance As You Are) is a new collaborative platform created in 2020 by two passionate dancers : Irma Abdallah and Aïda Berrada.

The goal of these two entrepreneurs is to ease the access of dance practice by gathering in this platform all dance-related initiatives.

Origin of D A Y A

Based on our respective dance practice in Paris, we have experienced two issues while looking for new dance styles or classes :

  1. Finding the right dance class that fits our needs is not so easy. Indeed, we need to use different channels to find information : Instagram for videos and schedule, the website for prices, Google for reviews, etc.;
  2. Few studios offer the possibility to book online a dance class. Therefore, the waiting line at the front desk can be very long. The management of dance class registrations is then not efficient and can lead to students’ frustration because of limited spots.

Our mission

Our mission is to highlight the dance community with this collaborative platform that eases the access of all dance-related initiatives.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the leading collaborative platform collecting all dance-related information.

Our values


Dancing is a passion.


Dancing is a time for sharing, a way to connect with others, and we absolutely want to preserve this value.


Dance, by the diversity of its styles, allows us to develop creativity and get out of our comfort zone.


We are convinced that paying attention to our limits and constantly striving to improve is a guarantee of success.


Dancing is a way to learn more about ourselves and how to control our body. This connection to oneself allow us to feel and share our emotions.


Dance as a freedom of the body expression, an art with no limits.


Dancing is a discipline that requires involvement and rigor, a relentless work in order to go beyond its limits.